Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At New Orleans Payday Loan Solution, we care about your how your information is used, shared, or stored. When you search the internet and stop on a webpage, the webpage is storing your data without you knowing. If you go to a company's website and fill out a survey or enter to win a free gift, that third-party vendor now has your information in their database. That sounds scary doesn't it? That's because it is. We give our our personal information more than you will ever know. It's so simple to enter your email address for a free dessert at your favorite restaurant or try to win a free shopping spree. But what you don't know is that all the information you enter, is being stored somewhere. Every company will have a privacy policy page the outlines how your information is being stored, used or even shared.

When you review the privacy policy on our website, we want you to know that we try to be as transparent as possible. Nobody wants to think their information is floating around the world as we speak. But that truth of the matter is, your information could be anywhere. So then we have to ask ourselves, why? Why is happening with our information and why is this happening? A privacy policy outlines the who, why and how you may be asking. Let New Orleans Payday Loan Solution clarify a few things.

Financial companies store your personal information for multiple reasons. If you have created an account or ever had services from New Orleans Payday Loan Solution, then we have your information stored for whenever you use our services. This information is protected and secured within our database. The Federal Law requires comsumers to tell you how we collect, share, protect and use your personal information.

What Information?
There are various types of information that New Orleans Payday Loan Solution obtains when you use our webpage or services. This can include your name, address, phone number, account balance and payment history, credit history, internet browser, IP address and more. This is important information for New Orleans Payday Loan Solution to have, to maintain your account with us. This information cannot be shared.

What Do We Use It For?
Your personal information is important to New Orleans Payday Loan Solution. We are able to utilize certain pieces of information in various ways. For instance, your geographical location tells us the area you are in while using our website. Your internet browser you are using, lets us know if our website is compatible for you, or your mobile device. This information allows up to make any changes or updates needed for you to have a better experience using our website.

Our privacy policy outlines the necessary details you need to know about collecting your personal data. We want you to know your information is alwasy kept safe. At New Orleans Payday Loan Solution, we are continuing to make your experience with our website, a user-friendly experience. If you have further questions, please contact an associate today